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In Their Own Words

We have a three ring binder in our office that holds these testimonials (in full length) and some others. If we would just remember to ask patients to fill them out I know we would have many more. That’s not so much a testament about our office helping these people as it is an example of chiropractic care helping them.

These statements were given freely and with no reward or remunerations of any kind other than a ‘Thank You’ or a hug. On some of these there has been minor editing to reduce the length of their stories. Grammar and punctuation have been left untouched.

As you read these statements it is important for you to understand that as a doctor of chiropractic I do not treat these or any other conditions. You see, chiropractic is different than the medical approach. In chiropractic we are examining the spine for any areas of nerve malfunction or interference between the brain and messages to and from the various muscles, organs, glands and tissues. So though a patient may come to our office for treatment of neck pain for instance, it is up to me to determine if what is causing their pain is related to their spine and nervous system. Once I determine that nerve pressure or interference is the cause of the problem, that is what I am correcting to help that patients’ body heal itself. As we correct those spinal problems many times the patient will comment that other symptoms such as their “normal” daily headaches are gone or far less frequent.

So we are not treating a symptom we are getting at the cause of that symptom. If the cause is interference of nerve signals then chiropractic will most likely help correct that. If the cause is something else then we will discuss with the patient options of recommending other health care providers.

I just wanted to make sure there were no misleading claims on this issue.

Please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,,

Dr. Alan Ludwig

Chronic Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel and Difficulty Swallowing

First I’d like to say that chiropractic is the only thing that is different from 3 months ago when I started coming in. There has been no dieting, exercise, etc., so chiropractic is the only thing I can attribute to my health changes. Within a month I had 90 % pain relief from my neck.

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Other unexpected benefits have been a virtual disappearance of any carpal tunnel from years of keyboarding…I also had difficulty swallowing and had been through some yukky tests with no explanation of why. I no longer have difficulty swallowing…The point of this testimonial is to express my gratitude to the doc for completely changing my quality of life.Thank you, thank you, ~M.R.


I am 9 years old. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 2 years old. I have been on different medicines to help my asthma. I have been going to an asthma specialist for 7 years. I was also getting very bad headaches…

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Right away I started feeling better. I do not get headaches anymore. For the first time my asthma doctor has lowered the medications I use. I have so much more energy. For the first time, my mom is letting me go to camp this year. Before seeing Dr. Ludwig my mom wouldn’t let me go.

I feel so much better. Even my friends notice I have more energy and am not sick as much.

I wish every kid who has asthma could see Dr. Ludwig. ~H.F.

Daily Headaches, Low Back Pain and Insomnia

I had never been to a chiropractor before. I had no idea what chiropractic could do for me…

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I was having headaches every day! EVERY day. I had low back pain every day. I had insomnia for six years. I was so used to these things happening to me every day that I was just living with it. I didn’t even consider the thought of living without pain.

After 10 visits I had no more headaches at all! None! After only one week of visits I was sleeping through the night again!..I was re-evaluated and I felt so good I forgot what was wrong in the first place…

If I can impress one thing on whoever is reading my testimonial it would be; if what you are doing now isn’t working, try chiropractic, you won’t be sorry. ~P.W.

Skeptic with Neck and Back Pain

I first became acquainted with Dr. Ludwig’s office through my husband. He had worked construction for years and his back was continually bothering him. I noticed after just a few sessions that he was standing straighter and complaining less of backaches.

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I admit, I was one of the biggest skeptics. I had family and friends that were medical doctors, and for years, heard their opinions on the practices of chiropractors. Nonetheless, I decided it couldn’t hurt and if I didn’t like it I could always quit.

I came to realize that not only did my neck and back feel better but a few other aches and pains…would be reduced significantly. I hadn’t slept well in years and, at the end of the day, my heels would hurt. I’m finding both these things… have improved. I can only attribute this to chiropractic adjustments because my lifestyle really hasn’t changed in other respects.

I can only speak for my family, but it has helped us tremendously. Who would have thought this from the biggest skeptic? ~D.P.

Neck and Arm Pain

Last spring, I noticed a numbness and tingling in my left thumb on occasion. I also began to feel a tingling in my forearm and a jolting feeling from my neck all the way through my left arm at times. I visited a hand doctor after a month or so…

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That doctor ruled out carpal tunnel and recommended that I wait a month to see if things got better… I couldn’t wait that long for help.

Dr. Ludwig checked things out and felt that he could help me. We talked about good posture and he urged me to analyze situations at home and at work that may have caused this nerve problem to occur in the first place. As the treatments progressed over several months the numbness and tingling went away. Even more importantly, I feel better overall in many ways. My range of motion has greatly increased in all areas and I just have an improved sense of physical well-being.

I highly recommend Dr. Ludwig and chiropractic as a great option for improved health and quality of life. ~R.K.

Infertility and low Back Pain

I sought chiropractic care after viewing a local news story. In truth, I had little knowledge of chiropractic care and so I did not disclose my specific reason for seeking care to Dr. Ludwig’s staff. After all, I was emotionally vulnerable and did not want to put myself at risk of being mislead.

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My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for 18 months to conceive. We had just finished 6 months of fertility treatments and tests and were baffled by our “unexplained infertility” as we already had one child. After viewing the news story about the possible connection between fertility and chiropractic, we decided it was worth a try.

I had had lower back pain for as long as I could remember, and Dr. Ludwig’s computer scans confirmed this lower back interference – which also happened to be right around the area of the nerves going to my sex organs.

After six weeks of intense treatments (3 or 4 times per week) not only did my lower back have less pain but my husband and I are thrilled to be pregnant – with twins!.

I would recommend chiropractic care to any one faced with the frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility. ~C.N.

Extreme Pain for 30 Years

When I came to Dr. Ludwig’s office I was in such extreme pain I was at my wits end. Life was not worth living! Now I feel like a new woman. I truly can say I have been given my life back!

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At the end of the first week of treatment was in a state of much reduced pain. Words can not express my gratitude for Dr. Ludwig and his staff.

Although my pain is still there it is so reduced I don’t even take aspirin any more. For at least 10 years I have not worn any necklaces (the skin was too sensitive). I can now wear necklaces. To some a small matter but to me a sign of progress I never expected. I never thought I could feel this well and should say more but I don’t think anyone else would believe me!!!!! ~K.H.

Low Back, Neck Pain, Heartburn and Sleeping Difficulty

Like a lot of individuals nearing the senior citizen age, I just thought the nagging pain in my lower back as well as the arthritis developing in my ankle due to an old injury was part of getting older.

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My job of 20 years has involved working on a computer most of the day. Consequently, I reasoned my neck pain was just part of the job.

Dr. Ludwig did an initial exam and took some x-rays. I think what impressed me most was the honest, direct and caring way I was treated…Dr. Ludwig’s diagnosis was that he felt that chiropractic care would definitely help my body heal its problems. How interesting to hear him say not that he would, “make me feel better”, but that” he could help my body heal itself, by removing the nerve interference”.

What amazing results I have had…My neck pain has completely disappeared. My lower back and hip pain has been significantly reduced. My ankle is improved. I do not have the constant pain. What has been an unexpected benefit are all the other changes that have taken place. I have tons more energy. I am falling to sleep without a problem and sleeping much more restfully. The more than occasional heartburn and irregularity that I had associated with getting older has disappeared.

I am giving this testimonial 100% freely, in the effort to help others. ~V.B.

Depression and Back Pain

I was feeling frustrated and annoyed by my children, my family as a whole, my career, and my life. I yelled and cried over such petty things. I shared my feelings with another lady friend and heard, “Oh, I know what you mean, that’s why I’m taking anti-depressants”. No way was I going to start taking pills. My husband had an on the job injury and I heard Dr. Ludwig tell my husband about the nervous system and what was optimum health…

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I said, “How can I afford not to visit and hear what Dr. Ludwig has for me?”

Now? I still have some back pain… About depression? I am not depressed – I am happier, very seldom cry or yell – I believe my home is happier and my children are happier too. A year ago I was a mess. What is really wonderful is that I am proud that I could depend on natural interventions rather than pumping my body with pills and alcohol. I believe that was the alternative I could have taken.

I am now taking my 11 year old daughter to see Dr. Ludwig for headaches she is having. The doctor said it was a virus and she should put drops in her eyes. Not working! She saw Dr. Ludwig. She comes home from school happier – No headaches at all!

Thanks Dr. Ludwig. ~W.D.


When I first came to Dr. Ludwig’s office I was having very bad headaches that made me not sleep as well.

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Now I do not have any headaches or fatigueness. I have gone to Dr. Ludwig’s office for 2 months and have improved this much! Now that’s impressive, isn’t it! All I am saying is that if you come to this chiropractic center the people are nice and you feel much more relieved. Another thing I like about that place is that when you have something wrong with your back he explains ways you can improve it and what exercises you should do.

D. D. (W.D.’s daughter, age 11)

Scoliosis and Horses?

We had our spines checked at school. The school nurse told my parents to take me to a doctor. The specialist diagnosed scoliosis, curvature of the spine.

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He said that it would require major surgery which consisted of a steel rod going down the center of my back to straighten my spine.

My life turned into a nightmare! I was told that after the surgery I couldn’t bend at all. So in other words, the basic necessities of life I would not be able to do on my own. My parents just enrolled me into horseback riding lessons and bought me my first horse. (Additionally, the doctor said that once the rods were inserted into the spine bearing children would not be possible) I was devastated.

We met Dr. Al and Jackey Ludwig at our church. We decided to give chiropractic a try. It took a year, but in that time my spine started straightening up. In time I was able to bend over and touch my toes. Beats surgery any day!! It has been more than twenty years and I still come to see Dr. Al.

(Side note; T. went on to do barrel racing on horseback, also got married and gave birth to a son. Her husband and son both receive chiropractic care.) ~T.M.

Headaches, Neck, Shoulders, and Lower Back

These all accumulated over years from a fall at work 12+ years ago. I kept getting no relief from physical therapy or from my doctor and finally called you.

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This was the beginning of my new life. You did your exam, explained my problems and started a rigid course of body repair. In just under a year I am not cured and probably at 51 won’t ever feel 20-30 again. But at least I can say I’m pretty much back to a life I enjoy. I’m able to go up in the mountains. I can 4X4. I can play with my grandchildren.

All I can say is Thank You …for putting my life back on track. ~K.G.

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