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Stress Response Evaluation at Ludwig Chiropractic

NeuroInfinity DeviceThe NeuroInfiniti Stress Response Evaluation is an effective and accurate method of measuring your physiological stress response. It is a computerized test, a totally non-invasive exam using an instrument found in research facilities around the world. Sensors are attached to your skin in such areas as your shoulder muscles, the top of your head, your ears, and your hands as well as your waist. From this 20 minute computerized test, we can compare your neurological response and recovery to stress challenges.

The NeuroInfiniti Measures:

Brain Waves – This portion of the exam concerns the ability of the brain to be busy when necessary and to rest when necessary. It allows us to see why someone may have difficulty turning their brain off at night, why they aren’t dreaming or why they are not well rested in the morning. It can also give us clues for those dealing with such conditions as anxiety, PTSD, ADD, panic attacks or even lack of focus.

Heart Rate Variability – is an effective method of measuring stress effects in your life. Research has established that HRV is also a good method of measuring the effectiveness of Chiropractic care.

Heart Rate – The stress evaluation gives us a chance to see what speeds up the heart rate, and how quickly it can return to normal. There is a direct relationship between breathing and heart rates.

Skin Conductance – The amount of moisture produced by the sweat glands in the hands is a direct result of stress. More hand moisture means a higher stress response. Dry hands tend to indicate a chronic stress condition. Interestingly, if you have dry or excessively sweaty hands it is not uncommon to see a relationship regarding reproductive issues or bowel problems.

Temperature – The normal response to stress is for the body to withdraw blood volume from the extremities and pool it in the organs. This action reduces the temperature in the hands and feet.

Respiration Rate – As there is a relationship between stress and oxygen requirement, the respiratory rate is very important. The pattern of breathing is equally as important such as chest elevation versus diaphragmatic breathing.

Muscle Activity – We can measure muscle activity throughout the body in both relaxed resting mode or in active motion mode. The trapezius muscles are good indicators of over-tightened muscles due to stress responses.

Stress Evaluation Recording

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From Stressed Out to Relaxed and Coping

Through a combination of chiropractic care and various other techniques based on your individualized evaluation, Ludwig Chiropractic can help you to better adapt to the stresses in your life, and reduce their effect on your health and well being. Contact us today to learn more.


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